Neem is one of the most therapeutic woods available in the nature. Neem naturally cleanses, kills harmful bacteria, prevents dander, and increases blood circulation. Using the Beardo Neem Wooden Beard Comb consistently will promote your hair growth and prevent breaking of hair. It is one of the best type of combs available for men!

We believe in using natural remedies over artificial ones, and neem has been proven to have antiseptic properties that make it an excellent choice!

Wooden Comb Benefits

Using a wooden comb is always better than using a plastic one. For one, wood is a lot sturdier and doesn’t break as easily as plastic. Wooden combs are also have natural properties which create no static in hair. For example, Neem wood has anti-bacterial properties which prevent dandruff naturally!

Each wood has its own unique benefits, which makes using wooden combs a lot better than a plastic one!


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